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2019 Fantasy NASCAR

Check your 2019 and make sure it is correct! Teams are still coming in so bare with us!

Daytona 500 (so far!)

Overall Standings

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2018 Winners.

1st $700 J.A.M Motorsports,
2nd $450 Dean O,$450 Comp Office Racing,
4th $300 Demon Llama,
5th $190 Malibu 2,$190 Dorn Motorsports

12th $50 61 Rambler, Yogi Bear,
35th $50 WTF Racing, Team Mickster,
52nd $50 Swollen Members, Dump Trucks,
73rd $100 Knuckelheads,
82nd $100 X Ping Jockey,
97th $50 4Q, Go Claire,
106th $100 First on Race Day,
124th $100 Snore no More,
135th $100 Mona's Magic,
150th $100 Loud Pipes

We would love to see you but pay online if you would like for $1 more!

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